Terms and Conditions

The purpose of QRPages is to help small businesses, individuals, churches and groups, quickly connect to their audience as they strive to support the community and serve others. Anyone with content that we do not support will forfeit ALL Money spent and will NOT receive a refund for any questionable, destructive or disrespectful content.

We reserve the right NOT to allow, and to remove WITHOUT WARNING, any content displayed on QRPages, QRPromos, QREvents or QRLeads that promote, share and discuss topics that:

  • Express racist topics or perspectives.
  • Is sexual in nature or expresses sexual content.
  • Displays or shares aggressive content or material.
  • Promotes any type of escort services or content that may promote services that are used in human trafficking of any kind.
  • Shows disrespect to parents, women, children or the family.
  • Is anti religious, anti God or anti Jesus Christ in nature.
  • Promotes hate, bullying, violence or aggression
  • Contains any type of scam or deceptive business model.
  • Promotes illegal drugs or illegal activity.
  • Promotes superiority or division.
  • Is disrespectful to leaders or authority figures.
  • Promotes negative messages, content or beliefs.


God Bless!