Setup Your Account

STEP #1: Setup Your Account

Decide what type of QR Pages subscription you would like, starting as low as $5.99 a month. Your order comes with a Free 30-Day Trial period, so you will not be billed for 30-Days and you can cancel anytime.

However, our QR Complete Orders come with 60-Day Trial. CLICK HERE to order now.

STEP #2: Select Your Sub-URL

Once you place your order, you’ll be able to select your unique QR Webpage Sub-URL. Your Sub-URL is the extension you use on one of the QR Sites.

For example, if you own a Flower Shop, your Sub-URL could be: /Flowers-Unlimited/ and the full URL to your QR Page could be:

STEP #3: Receive Your QR Code

After you select your Sub-URL, you’ll receive confirmation and your unique QR Code image that points to it. You can also create a Dynamic QR Code using another QR creation service if you like.

STEP #4: Your QR Webpage Design

After you receive your QR Code and Sub-URL, it’s time to customize the QR Webpage Template to fit your service, business or message. Or you can design your own and send us your final HTML code and we will upload it for you.

CLICK HERE to select a customization service or package.

STEP #5: Share Your New QR Webpage, Business, Service or Message

After your QR Webpage is setup, and your marketing pieces are done, you can share them and your QR Code with your customers, clients and audience without the need of creating your own website.