QR Postcard - Design Only Package

This QR Postcard Package includes:

  • 1 QR Webpage Template Customization:
    We customize the QR Webpage Template with images, wording and content specific to you and your message, business, product or service.
  • 1 Postcard Design (2-Sided) using Your QR Code (Size 4x6):
    We design your postcards using your QR Code
  • Consistency of Look:
    We’ll create a consistent look between your QR Page and your QR Marketing pieces to help build value to your brand.

Please Note: These packages are available for customers with active subscriptions. Without an active subscription, we cannot create a QR Code and location to use on your marketing pieces.

This QR Package is for the Basic QR Webpage Template Customization and Design Only. It does not include printing of QR Marketing items.